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About Us...The Eatons

Explore the diverse ecosystem within the boundaries of Zachar Bay on Kodiak Island during our guided wildlife viewing adventures. Zachar Bay is located within the confines of the 1.9 millon acres of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, which was created August 19, 1941 “for the purpose of protecting the natural feeding and breeding range of the brown bears and other wildlife on Kodiak Island, Alaska.”

Kodiak's scenery is magnificient- rugged mountains, hundreds of miles of shoreline, lakes, marshes, bogs, and meadows. Four-thousand-foot mountains rise from the sea accented with fjordlike inlets. Lush vegetation blankets the mountains ranging from sedges, alders, and spruce to colorful wildflowers and berries. The refuge is home to an estimated 2,300 brown bears, and at least 600 nesting pairs of bald eagles. More than 250 species of birds live upon or visit the refuge, while more than 1.5 million seabirds overwinter in nearshore waters surrounding Kodiak Island. www.fws.gov

Full day guided trips from the lodge offer you the opportunity to view and experience wildlife in its natural environment with a minimum disturbance to the animals and their habitat. New and varied adventures occur on every trip. You will see a variety of marine and land animals in their natural surroundings. We suggest a four day stay to be able to view all the wildlife that we have to offer.



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Bear Viewing

Zachar Bay Lodge offers fantastic opportunities to experience Kodiak Island’s world-famous brown bears in their pristine and natural habitat. The lodge itself is located in the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, home of the Kodiak brown bear.

For a very special bear viewing experience, and virtually guaranteed bear sightings, you can fly out for a full day of bear viewing at Frazer Falls, one of the world’s best places to see high concentrations of wild brown bears fishing for salmon. Here there is nothing between you and the bears save for the long-held tradition of mutual respect that exists only at this particular spot. The opportunities for bear photography in this picturesque setting are superb. And perhaps best of all, you will likely have this little known place all to yourself for most or all of the day. You will, of course, be accompanied by your very own professional bear-viewing guide the whole time. Such a situation is unique in the world, and Zachar Bay is honored to share it with you.

In addition to seeing bears on special bear viewing trips, you are very likely to see bears while fishing, while flying around in a bush plane, and indeed during any of the wilderness activities. With all the bears you’re likely to see during your guided day trips, you’ll probably be happy to know that bears are hardly ever found nosing around the lodge.

Nature Activities

Zachar Bay Lodge offers nature lovers, wildlife viewers, and photographers every opportunity to enjoy all the boundless beauty and varied wildlife Kodiak Island has to offer.

On marine mammal boat tours, you can see adorable otters, seals, sea lions, porpoises, and whales. Bird enthusiasts will see a variety of interesting birds, including two kinds of puffins. In addition to the mighty brown bear, there are several other land mammals on the island, including blacktail deer, mountain goats, and foxes. They can often be seen on a kayak trip or on a lovely hike up the beautiful Zachar River.

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