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About Us...The Eatons

Here are some of the frequently asked questions. Please email Linda@ZacharBay.com.com if you have any other questions, or call 800-693-2333.


What kinds of fish can I catch and keep and what are their average sizes?

  • Halibut -- 2 per day, June 1-September 15, average size 30 to 50 pounds
  • King (Chinook) Salmon -- 2 per day, June 15-July 15, average size 25 pounds
  • Red (Sockeye) Salmon -- 5 per day, June 1-August 1, average size 5 pounds
  • Rainbows -- low abundance, June 1-30, catch and release, 18 inches
  • Dolly Varden Trout -- June 1-30 saltwater & July-August 15 freshwater, average size 2 pounds
  • Silver (Coho) Salmon -- 2 per day, Aug 1-15 saltwater & Aug 15-Sep 30 freshwater, average size 12 pounds
  • Chum (Dog) 10# and Pink (Humpy) 5# Salmon -- Jul. 1 salt, July 15-Sep 15 fresh

Where do you fish in freshwater?

  • Fly to O'Malley Lake (15 min flight) for fishing Reds From Jun 1-Jun 25.
  • Fly to Conneticut Creek (25 min flight) for fishing Reds From Jun 1-Jun 20.
  • Fly to Frazer (25 minute flight) to fish for red salmon below the falls From June 1-Aug 1.
  • Fly to Uganik Lake (15 min flight) for fishing Reds/Dollies/Pinks From Jul 15 - August 30.
  • Boat to Zachar River (10 min & hike under an hour) for Silvers after Aug 15-Sep 30; Dolly Varden, Pink and Chum Salmon July 15 to Sept 1.

What kind of tackle and gear do you provide?

  • We have spinning rods and reels. There is a supply of hip boots and knee boots, rain coats and pants for your use. The saltwater fishing tackle is provided. We have a small store and have lures for sale or you may bring your own. We do not provide fly-fishing rods, you would need to bring your own. You will be provided with a suggested list of items to bring upon booking.

How do you transport us to fishing spots?

  • You will fly in our Found Bush Hawk plane on floats to land at Karluk, Red Lake, or Frazer.
  • To fish Zachar River, you will be taken to the head of the bay by boat. Then you hike with a guide on a game trail.
  • All other transportation to fishing spots is by boat.

Do you package my fish for me to take home?

  • Yes, the guides will clean your fish, cut it up, vacuum seal it and pack it in waxed boxes for your flight home.

What kind of fishing license do I need?

  • Alaska Fishing License
  • King Salmon Stamp



What are the best times to see bears?

  • You can see bears anyplace at anytime.
  • If you want to see numbers of bears fishing, then you may want to fly-out to Frazer Lake from June to about the second week of August.
  • The bears should be fishing in the Zachar River and Uyak Bay rivers in August and September. You probably will not see bears at the lodge.

How do I view wildlife?

  • You can cruise the bays in boats, hike a game trail on Zachar River, and fly to Frazer Falls to see the bears. You should bring binoculars.

What kind of animals will I see?

  • You will be able to see land and sea animals. You can see Kodiak brown bears, fin back whales, seals, sea otter, sea lions, black-tailed deer, foxes, eagles, oyster catchers, cormorants, puffins, arctic terns, many other ducks, land and sea birds.

Do I have to fish?

  • Fishing is optional.


What type of guest rooms do you have?

  • There are 5 private rooms with bathrooms (Pisces House & Bay House)
  • A 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom & living room house (Animal House)
  • 2 bedrooms with a bathroom between (Dining Hall Rooms)
    • Each room has 2 single beds, chest of drawers, nightstand, table, and chairs. They are cleaned daily.

Do you have laundry facilities?

  • Yes, we provide clean towels daily
  • Upon request, we can wash and dry your clothes.

What kind of meals are provided?

  • Breakfast may consist of a fresh fruit platter, fruit juices, cold cereals, bacon, sausage, waffles, pancakes, eggs, French toast, English muffins, toast, coffee, hot chocolate (Zachar Bay berry jams and syrups).
  • Lunches at the lodge may be clam chowder and club sandwich. For day trips, your guide will bring a take-out lunch as salmon salad on pita bread, apple, tortilla chips, chocolate macadamia nut cookies, assorted candy bars and soda pop. Other days may be turkey and cheese sandwich, potato chips, oatmeal raisin cookies, orange; pastrami sandwich, halibut salad sandwich, or ham sandwich or roast beef sandwich or chicken sandwich.
  • Dinners are served buffet style
      • Deep-fried halibut, tossed salad, French fries, peas, ice cream with homemade sauces (chocolate, raspberry, & butterscotch)
      • Spaghetti with Italian sausage, garden salad with Italian dressing, foccacia bread and chocolate silk pie
      • Pork Roast with lightly herbed buttered noodles, glazed carrots, frozen strawberry dessert
      • Blackened halibut, cole slaw, oven roasted potatoes, sautéed green beans with almonds, homemade French bread, Zachar bay fresh salmonberry or raspberry pie
      • Marinated Oven-baked fresh salmon, salad with Dawn's honey mustard dressing, stir fry rice, zucchini casserole, pistachio cake
      • Grilled filet mignon, baked potato, lettuce salad with assorted dressings, fresh dinner rolls, cheesecake topped with cherries
      • Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, tossed mixed salad with Dawn's garlic dressing, broccoli, homemade oatmeal rolls, butterscotch pie.
  • Meals may be adapted to your likes or needs upon advance request. We try to serve fresh fish every other day for dinner. We have a snack for you when you return for the day.

How many people do you take?

  • We have 22 beds , but there are typically about 6-12 people here at one time.



What kind of boats do you have?

  • Andy Eaton makes our custom aluminum boats through Emerson Boat Works in Kodiak, AK. There is a 26', 24', 23', and 2-20' boats.

Do you have boots?

  • We have various sizes of rubber below the knee boots for getting in and out of the boats and rubber hip boots for fishing. If you prefer, you may bring your own.

Do you have fly-outs and are they included in the rate?

  • Yes, in our Found Bush Hawk floatplane. The package that you select determines if the fly-outs are included in the rate.

What is a Fly-Out?

  • A fly-out is a day that you fly from Zachar Bay Lodge to a fishing destination for the day with your guide. There is an additional cost for using the aircraft, which is reflected in our rates. It is advised to schedule fly-out days in advance.



How many people to a guide?

  • All of our trips are fully guided.
  • Guide customer ratio is usually 1-3.
  • A guide will stay with you all day. They all have sports fishing guide licenses, CPR & First Aid cards and a Coast Guard Captain License.
  • Usually we do not mix groups unless we ask you if it is okay.

How long are your day trips with guides?

  • You will leave the lodge about 9 am and return about 5 pm.



What kind of weather do you have?

  • Kodiak's weather is unpredictable.
  • There can be fog, rain, and winds.
  • For the most part it is cool and you would want to dress warmly, especially on the ocean. There may be weather delays, so plan accordingly. You can also get sunburned even when it is overcast.

Do you have a lot of mosquitoes?

  • There are not so many mosquitoes on Kodiak and especially near the ocean. If you go inland in the tall grass, there are small gnats that bite and you may want a head net or bug spray. Wear long sleeves and long pants for protection.



What time do your flights leave Kodiak to Zachar Bay?

  • About 8 am (special request at 5 p.m.)

What time will you return to Kodiak?

  • About 11 am

How many flights are there from Anchorage to Kodiak a day?

  • ERA (www.flyera.com) has 5 or 6 flights and
  • Alaska Airlines (www.alaskaair.com) has 2 flights.

What time should I schedule my Airline flight to/from Kodiak?

  • Schedule to Arrive to Kodiak Airport by 8:00AM to catch the first flight to Zachar Bay. If you arrive Kodiak after 6:00PM, plan to spend the night in the city.
  • Schedule DEPARTING Kodiak after 11:00 AM -- it is preferable to schedule the 1PM flight.

Do you have any special airline fares?

  • No - Alaska Airlines no longer offers the "Sportfishing Fares"

What is the maximum number of people in your plane?

  • Four people can fly in our Found Bush Hawk on a trip. The longest flying time is about 30 minutes

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